Those who are looking for online casino sites to join want to know the type of bonus structure that the casinos offer. The one that usually starts off as being the most important is the welcome bonus. The next one that can be very lucrative is the loyalty bonus.

What is a Loyalty Bonus?

Most of the online casinos have a welcome bonus to draw in new clients. They have realised that it is also important to be able to keep their clients. They can do this by various types of promotions. However, what they have found to be effective is the loyalty bonus.

A loyalty bonus is a reward program that is used in many different types of businesses. This includes the online casinos. They will vary greatly among the different casinos. They are important to look at when one is considering joining a casino online. The individual can have access to the loyalty page that the Casino will likely have. This will outline the terms and conditions of what the program offers.

Variations in Loyalty Bonuses

Sometimes the casinos will restrict their loyalty bonus to players that they consider as high rollers. Or in other cases, it may be for players that have been active on the site for a specific period. Then there are some casinos that offer loyalty bonuses to those that have deposited a specific amount of money during a month.

Types of Loyalty Bonuses

The type of reward that is given can also vary. Quite often it will be a cash back bonus. What this means is that every time a player participates in a specific type of game, they will get loyalty points during their gameplay. These points will accumulate and then when a certain amount is reached the casino will give them a specific amount of money.